10 June 2022 (Math @ SBW)
11 June 2022 (Science @ SBW)
12 June 2022 (English @ SBW)
13 June 2022 (Chinese @ SBW)
14 June 2022 (Math @ PG)
15 June 2022 (Science @ PG)
16 June 2022 (English @ PG)
19 June 2022 (Chinese @ PG)


Sembawang (Sun Plaza)
Punggol (Punggol Plaza)


9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (inclusive of 1-hour lunch) for every session


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Come September 2022, your child will be crossing his/her first major milestone — the PSLE.

At this crucial juncture, is your child having problems obtaining distinctions even with intensive revision? Is your child scraping through tests and examinations by a narrow margin? Let our team of ex-MOE teachers and star tutors get your child up to speed to tackle the rigorous and monumental examination in a few months’ time!

What can my child expect?

Our team ex-MOE teachers and star tutors will be imparting highly effective strategies and key answering techniques needed to ACE your PSLE English, Mathematics and Science papers. Your child will also get up to speed with our exclusive tips and walk away with a major boost in confidence to tackle even the most challenging questions by the end of the session.

Why JustEdu?

We are here to help.

From the time our camp was conceptualised, we envisaged an enriching and engaging holistic programme that would benefit our students with guided assessments, facilitated learning and entertaining games; shifting away from spoon-feeding condensed facts and formulae.

Driven by our mantra — “Teaching from our hearts”, we have researched thoroughly and extensively to develop our very own PSLE Booster curriculum and materials.
The combination of our carefully crafted programme and a team of ex-MOE teachers and star tutors armed with a wealth of expertise will considerably bolster your child’s confidence to excel.

Here is what your child will take away at the JustEdu PSLE Booster:

  • MASTER PRO TIPS AND TRICKS that top students would never reveal
  • CONQUER CHALLENGING QUESTIONS with key answering techniques
  • ACHIEVE OUTSTANDING RESULTS with highly effective strategies from our experienced ex-MOE teachers and star tutors
  • OVERCOME LIMITING BELIEFS and attain maximum potential

| Key Topics Covered |

Mathematics: 10 June (Sun Plaza) | 14 June (Punggol Plaza)
– How to ACE the Math PSLE
– Identifying the Various Heuristics

Science: 11 June (Sun Plaza) | 15 June (Punggol Plaza)
– Answering Techniques for MCQs
– Answering Techniques for Open-ended Questions

English: 12 June (Sun Plaza) | 16 June (Punggol Plaza)
– Impressing the Oral examiner with Eloquence
– Tips in Crafting Stellar Compositions
– Overcoming your Fear of the Comprehension Cloze
– Tackling Cloze and Comprehension Passages

Chinese: 13 June (Sun Plaza) | 19 June (Punggol Plaza)
– How to Prepare for Paper 1: Composition Writing Skills
– Dissecting Paper 2 and Time Management
– Comprehension Answering Techniques

Course Fee:

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Sembawang (Sun Plaza):
10 June 2022 | Mathematics
11 June 2022 | Science
12 June 2022 | English
13 June 2022 | Chinese

Punggol (Punggol Plaza):
14 June 2022 | Mathematics
15 June 2022 | Science
16 June 2022 | English
19 June 2022 | Chinese

Time: 9:00 AM – 5.00 PM (inclusive of 1-hour lunchtime)

Location: Sun Plaza & Punggol Plaza

Watch a snippet of JustEdu’s 2019 PSLE Booster Camp below!


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