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Nurture Your Passion for Learning

Welcome to my world of magic. A new and amazing world where you will truly understand what creativity is and that truly, anything is possible.

By using carefully designed magic tricks based on Math & Science secrets, students and adults alike will experience the unique deep sense of wonder, joy and curiosity that only magic can inspire. The result? I will positively change your perception towards learning forever!

Discover the Joy of Learning Math & Science

Once inspired, nothing can hold back your new-found curiosity and hunger for all things Math & Science as you begin on your own self-exploratory journey. No longer will you need anyone to remind you or force you to study anything. Math & Science will be a joy to learn if you know the shortcuts, and their secrets are all around us waiting for us to discover and explore! Come join me in a fun-filled Magical Journey, and let’s explore the Magical World of Math & Science together!


The Magical World of Math & Science”  Magic Workshop! (2.5 hrs)

Many do not know how fascinating Math & Science can be, and that’s only because they have not been introduced to the Magical World of Math & Science! Experience first-hand how secret magical properties of Math & Science concepts are used by magicians to perform amazing illusions. Not only will you get to watch an amazing show, you’ll also learn how to perform magic yourself! Best of all, while we’re having fun, we’re developing a whole new appreciation for learning Math and Science.

I will share with you the secrets behind:

  • Magic of Light, Chemistry & Metallurgy (the study of metals) and how they are applied in the world of magic
  • Magic of Numbers & Patterns and how they are applied in the world of magic
  • Powerful Psychological Tricks and how our brain perceives visual information to create amazing illusions
  • The Art of Misdirection!
  • How Creativity and Problem Solving are used to create amazing illusions
  • Very cool magic tricks you can perform anytime and anywhere!
  • How to read your friends’ minds!
  • How to perform sleight-of-hand magic!
  • How to make objects appear and disappear into thin air!
  • How to be an Escape Artist!





Date: 28/7/19 (Sun)Magicwand
Time: 2pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Bukit Gombak Centre |
Blk 371 Bukit Batok Street 31 #02-332 S 650371


TICKET PRICE: $40 (U.P $70)   Additional family member @ $10 each

  • Ticket is for 1 child and 1 parent and includes a $30 Voucher that can be redeemed at the end of the workshop
  • Waiver of  $40 admin fee (apply promo code: 40adfee)








Mr Francis Ang

  • World-renowned Magician & Illusionist
  • Co-founder of Just Education Publishers Pte Ltd
  • Marketing Director of Just Education Holdings (2009 to 2015)
  • Creative Director of Freeing Group (2013 to 2015)
  • Marketing Strategy Consultant of JustEdu Holdings and Freeing Group
  • Director and Producer of the grand magic and illusion show, “A Knight of Magic”
  • As one of Singapore’s top close-up magic performers and children entertainers, Francis regularly performs his unique brand of magic for audiences of all ages at restaurants, private parties and corporate functions
  • Invited Guest Speaker in many countries all over the world to share his insights from his highly fun and experiential learning workshops on magic, creativity, and his approach of using magic as a tool to inspire students to fall in love with learning
  • Keynote Speaker for “The Magical World of Math & Science” all around the world alongside Singapore Tourism Board as one of Singapore’s top Tourist Learning Travel destinations (along with National Gallery and Gardens by the Bay)
  • Consultant and Actor in many magic TV and advertisement productions; most notably starring in Singapore Airlines‘ recent digital experience advertisement, Channel U’s “The Illusionist”, and coaching Singapore celebrities such as Thomas Ong, Felicia Chin and Fiona Xie



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